About Me

My name is Lenjisa Hussein. I am the instructor at
First Safety Sunshine Driving School.

My journey within the transportation industry has been both fulfilling and enriching. Since obtaining my commercial driver’s license (CDL) in 2007, I have been deeply involved in the realm of driving and instruction, specializing in CDL classes B and A. With over seven years of experience as an instructor, I have had the privilege of guiding numerous individuals on their journey towards becoming skilled and responsible drivers. At Safety Sunshine Driving School, my primary goal is to provide exceptional driver education to individuals embarking on their driving journey. I understand the importance of equipping new drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the roads safely and responsibly. I am an experienced instructors dedicated to delivering high-quality instruction tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Our Services

Our driving school offers a range of services to help new drivers become confident and skilled on the road. From comprehensive behind the wheel training to knowledge and skill test, we have everything you need to succeed.

Driving Lessons

Our Training cover all aspects of driving, including traffic rules, road signs, and defensive driving techniques. With our experienced instructor, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to pass your driving test.


Robel TsegayeRobel Tsegaye
20:20 12 Feb 24
It’s a very good place to take your knowledge test and driving test. Highly Recommend. Amazing teacher
Betty BeleteBetty Belete
22:43 10 Feb 24
It really good
ali aliiali alii
19:47 10 Feb 24
The people are really nice here and very friendly
amandai bamandai b
00:01 07 Feb 24
very good!
Fridah KikombeFridah Kikombe
18:49 01 Feb 24
I have had the best training and experience. Thanks so much for the good work. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn driving in an easy and comfortable environment.
Sayali SagoreSayali Sagore
06:48 30 Dec 23
I would like to thank Lenji for the guidance and support he has shown throughout my driving sessions. I would highly recommend first safety sunshine driving school for lessons and getting drivers license. The entire process is seamless and helpful.
Sari SmartieSari Smartie
05:56 17 Dec 23
I would say this is the place for anyone who is looking for driving school who wants to learn very safe & secure!I took my written and driving test here very friendly/welcoming place.The instructor was very patient and calm. Most importantly, he provides clear instructions to demonstrate proper techniques. He uses simple Concise language to ensure the student understands the instruction, and show the student how to perform various driving maneuvers, Such as parking, changing lines and making turns. Demonstrate the correct techniques, and provide guidance on how to improve.Overall, I highly recommended this place! come and get your license here.Thank you for your great Services Lenji.
zy Guozy Guo
20:16 07 Oct 23
Very good teacher, Linjisa explains every critical points to me carefully and patiently. He also makes sure me full understand all rules when driving. I am feeling very relaxed and confident not only in testing but also in daily driving.
Padma PPadma P
18:51 27 Aug 23
I highly recommend First Safety Sunshine Driving school.Lenji was very patient, calm and very helpful with everything along the way! Their friendly and comfortable atmosphere really boosted my confidence. He is also flexible in providing time slots and always super punctual. If you're getting ready for your driving test, this is the place to go! Highly recommended!
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